Saturday, December 29, 2007


So as 2007 nears an end, I've been thinking of what has or hasn't been accomplished.  I've been very blessed this year dispite the toubles that arose, especially at years end.  I have my health and my family has been stong and healthy as well.  

Jordan starting school has been wonderful.  He's always learning, and amazes me everyday.  
I know he will do great things.

Melody celebrated her first year and had become quite the little character.  She's been a joy to this family, and even though 
I wanted a boy.....I wouldn't trade my little girl for anything.
2008 will bring one unexpected change.  I, unfortunately, won't be able to stay a SAHM.  This saddens me like I've never felt.  But hopefully I won't have to work for too long.  I pray that the company will be able to prosper once again, so I can enjoy my time at home with the kids.  Until then, I must do what I can to meet the needs of our family.

So dispite the change, I look forward to 2008.  

I resolve to be a better wife and mother.  I resolve to read the Word of God daily.  I resolve to be more prayerful, and find greater strength in the Lord.  I resolve to a heathier lifestyle, and teach my children as well.  I resolve to be better organized {comes with the working away from home}.

So those few who read this, I pray your 2008 will be a year of greatness, 
and that you will accomplish everything that will glorify our Heavenly 
Father and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

Happy New Year!


Ginger said...

I do wish you a wonderful Happy New Year. That's a bummer to not be able to stay home. I'm sure things will pick up soon.

Stacie said...

Sorry you have to work, but hopefully it won't be for long. Good luck. I'm gonna link your blog to my page finally!

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