Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Page Freebie

I decided to make my newest layout into a Quick Page and offer it as a freebie.

 I used Simple Girl Scrap's kit Sail Away.  The alpha for Be Happy is My Twilight by Kreative Karma.  Both found at Faith Sisters.  I hope you enjoy this freebie.
Click here for Download

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Allison aka the Tooth Fairy

Jordan finally lost his first tooth.  He has had two loose teeth for weeks, and we kept telling him to play/wiggle it all of the time.  Well Sunday, his Aunt Mamy checked one of the teeth and it finally came out!  He's been scared to death about it coming out, but super thrilled to finally have it come out.

That night I had Jordan decorate an envelope to put his tooth in, so the Tooth Fairy could find it.  He did an awesome job drawing a picture of himself and the tooth fairy.  Well, he informed me that the Tooth Fairy's name was Allison.  I said, 'oh really'.  I guess with as many kids that lose teeth, there must be more then one Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy arrived during the night and left this note in Jordan's envelope:

Isn't it amazing that he knew the Tooth Fairy's name?!?  Jordan has one more tooth to come out hopefully this week since both the permanent teeth are making their appearance as we speak.  It's hard to believe my baby boy is growing up.  He is such a sweetheart and I'm so blessed to have him call me mom!!

Faith Sisters News

It's that time again for the Faith Sisters Blog Train.  I love following along and getting all those beautiful mini kits. The designers have really outdone themselves this month.  I hope you'll follow along and enjoy.  Starting point is Susan Godfrey Designs, then just follow the links as you go.  Your Kaboose will be the Faith Sister's blog.

Here's a sampling of some of the kits you'll receive:

Amazing right?!?  I also wanted to post a sneek peed at Simple Girl Scrap's upcoming kit.  Oh man, it is soo cute!  It's called Sugar Rush and it is sweet enough to make you sick.  LOL  I hope you'll be sure to check it out when it is released on Friday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Oh man, today was quite the day.  Loney, Diana, Amy, Bradd and I all headed down to the courthouse so we could early vote.  It was great seeing so many there, though the line was not so fun.  Oh well.

Headed back home and got the kids ready to head to the Pahrump Disability Outreach Program's 1st Annual Pumpkin Patch.  Everyone but Loney ended up going.  He needed to get some rest before his final play performance.

We got to the Park and the kids immediately started climbing the Hay Pyramid.

Then we made our way to a picture taking area, and I got a couple of great shots of Jordan and Melody.  I should have gotten one of them together, but oh well.

 Here's little Jimmy bundled up in the stroller.  This was his first trip out of the house since he was born a month ago.  He slept the whole time, so Xue could enjoy the time spent with Bradd and the Kids.
The Hay Maze.  Amy, Jordan, Nathan and Megan all went together one way, while I explored with Melody.  We kept hitting dead ends, but that meant I could get a great picture of Melody.
I then was able to get Amy with Jordan and Megan. They love their Aunt Mamy almost as much as she loves them!!
The pumpkin patch was up after a quick trip to get some Italian Ice. Melody got cherry, but I ended up eating most of it. Oh well. There were tons of pumpkins in the "patch", and the kids enjoyed looking at them and seeing which one they wanted to take home.
 Next stop was feeding some horses.  I didn't get pictures of that because my hands were covered in horse spit...eeewww.  I was quite impressed that Melody went right up and put her hand out to feed the horses.  She's braver then the other kids, that's for sure.

After the feed was gone, the hay ride tractor pulled up so we hopped on and enjoyed a nice hay ride through the desert.  It was so much fun listening to Jordan yelling "whoa" every time we'd go up or down a hill.  Too much fun.
Our jaunt through the desert came to an end which meant things were winding down for our fun.  With one stop to let the kids explore the fire trucks:
The kids, namely Jordan, wanted to go through the Hay maze one last time, so before we found the exit I got a picture of everyone (minus Xue, Jimmy, and myself) to document the day.
 A fun filled day and now I'm ready for bed.  Good night!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Such Talent

This last weekend was a busy one for Loney.  He had a part in the Shadow Mountain Community Players melodrama "The Villain Wore a Dirty Shirt" playing Sheriff Jack B. Nimble.  This was all part of the Wild West Extravaganza that Saddle West Hotel & Casino has every year.  Friday was opening night so I went to help set up the sound (that he was also in charge of) and watch the performance.  He did amazing!  The play went well considering one of the actors had taken over a part only 6 weeks before.  

Saturday, Loney was singing in the Nye County Idol competition for a spot in the Finals Sunday.  He did an amazing job singing Truly by Lionel Richie.

He made it through and we were super thrilled for him!!  Not long after the idol competition he had another night of the play.  I didn't end up going to help set up sound that night, mostly because I was exhausted after the day we had the day before.

Sunday was the matinĂ©e for the melodrama, so I decided to take the kids to watch.  Jordan and Melody loved "booing" the villain and throwing popcorn at him.  Jordan said he was going to be in the play as the Sheriff.  Too cute.

Idol competition was right after the play was over, so Loney needed to change quickly and head over across the lot.  Loney sang New York State of Mind by Billy Joel:

He placed second out of 3!  I'm so lucky to have such a talented husband.  

Now to get me brave enough to try out.  Hmmm......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

Ok, so I'm a little late in posting these pictures, but better late then never right?  

Melody had such a wonderful birthday this year.  She'd been telling everyone for weeks that she was turning 4 and very proud of that fact too.  I was having a hard time getting out of her what she wanted for her birthday cake.  She kept going back to a "princess" type of cake, so when I found the crown cake pan by Wilton I knew it would be perfect.

The day of her birthday was spent with mom just relaxing and enjoying the day.  We weren't going to have her party until Saturday, so she helped me "make" stuff for the Don't Call Me a Hero movie premiere.  That night after dinner though I had her open one gift, and she opened her gift from Aunt Mamy:

This beautiful dress up dress is from Mom and Dad:

Aunt Mamy got her a Unicorn Pillow Pet:

She was very happy with these gifts, though I told her there would be more to open on Saturday.

It took me all morning to decorate Melody's cake since the party was supposed to happen at 3:00.  I had hoped that Ginger and Amber would have been able to make it out, but I totally understand the travel out to Pahrump can be a bit inconvenient.  

While I was getting the sandwich stuff together for "linner" (lunch and dinner), Aunt Mamy put on some music and the kids danced their little hearts out.

Then time to open presents came.  Melody got a pretty new dress from Nana, a Disney Princess cool bake Oven from Uncle Bradd & Aunt Xue.  Mom and dad got her a wooden magnet dress up doll and Baby Alive: Baby All Gone.  Oh man but she was in heaven!!!  

Birthday cake time, we all sang and she blew out her candles.

After such a full day, Melody was plum tuckered out and fell asleep early with her new baby tucked in next to her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


All summer I've been at a near standstill when it came to my scrapbooking.  Oh I had a few moments here or there where I was inspired, but basically my mojo was gone. 

Well, I'm hoping that will all change.  I've been asked to join the Creative Teams for Cheryl aka Fiddle Dee Dee Designs & Theresa aka Simple Girl Scraps.  How cool is that!?!  I've known both of these ladies pretty much since I started digital scrapbooking, so to be able to help them with their designs and promoting is just an honor.  They are amazing, and I hope you can be inspired by them as I post layouts using their products.

Very Cherry Lovin' by Simple Girl Scraps & Fuss Free: Set Seven by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs

You can find Fiddle Dee Dee Templates at the Digichick and ScrapMatters.

Fuss Free: Fall For Me Templates by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs found at ScrapMatters  

Kit: Pumpkin Patch by mle Card Designs (Scrap Orchard)

Simple Girl Scraps kits are found at Faith's just a sampling of what she has to offer:

I'm still on the Creative Teams for Faith & mle Card Designs.  So be on the lookout for new stuff, and I may even post freebies on here.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maker's Helper

For a couple of days last week I was been busy baking goodies for the Don't Call Me A Hero movie premiere.  As I was baking, Melody kept telling me I was a "maker" because I had on my apron. 

I then remembered that Melody got an apron for Christmas I believe last year, so I got it out for her and she became a "maker's" helper.  She was so proud to help me make goodies.  

I guess this is the first step in introducing Melody to cooking and baking.

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