Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Oh man, today was quite the day.  Loney, Diana, Amy, Bradd and I all headed down to the courthouse so we could early vote.  It was great seeing so many there, though the line was not so fun.  Oh well.

Headed back home and got the kids ready to head to the Pahrump Disability Outreach Program's 1st Annual Pumpkin Patch.  Everyone but Loney ended up going.  He needed to get some rest before his final play performance.

We got to the Park and the kids immediately started climbing the Hay Pyramid.

Then we made our way to a picture taking area, and I got a couple of great shots of Jordan and Melody.  I should have gotten one of them together, but oh well.

 Here's little Jimmy bundled up in the stroller.  This was his first trip out of the house since he was born a month ago.  He slept the whole time, so Xue could enjoy the time spent with Bradd and the Kids.
The Hay Maze.  Amy, Jordan, Nathan and Megan all went together one way, while I explored with Melody.  We kept hitting dead ends, but that meant I could get a great picture of Melody.
I then was able to get Amy with Jordan and Megan. They love their Aunt Mamy almost as much as she loves them!!
The pumpkin patch was up after a quick trip to get some Italian Ice. Melody got cherry, but I ended up eating most of it. Oh well. There were tons of pumpkins in the "patch", and the kids enjoyed looking at them and seeing which one they wanted to take home.
 Next stop was feeding some horses.  I didn't get pictures of that because my hands were covered in horse spit...eeewww.  I was quite impressed that Melody went right up and put her hand out to feed the horses.  She's braver then the other kids, that's for sure.

After the feed was gone, the hay ride tractor pulled up so we hopped on and enjoyed a nice hay ride through the desert.  It was so much fun listening to Jordan yelling "whoa" every time we'd go up or down a hill.  Too much fun.
Our jaunt through the desert came to an end which meant things were winding down for our fun.  With one stop to let the kids explore the fire trucks:
The kids, namely Jordan, wanted to go through the Hay maze one last time, so before we found the exit I got a picture of everyone (minus Xue, Jimmy, and myself) to document the day.
 A fun filled day and now I'm ready for bed.  Good night!!

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Verlynn said...

Where are Jordan's teeth?? No one mentioned that to me. Looks like so much fun. Will make some great sb pages! We don't do pumpkins here but next year -- watch out!

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