Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Such Talent

This last weekend was a busy one for Loney.  He had a part in the Shadow Mountain Community Players melodrama "The Villain Wore a Dirty Shirt" playing Sheriff Jack B. Nimble.  This was all part of the Wild West Extravaganza that Saddle West Hotel & Casino has every year.  Friday was opening night so I went to help set up the sound (that he was also in charge of) and watch the performance.  He did amazing!  The play went well considering one of the actors had taken over a part only 6 weeks before.  

Saturday, Loney was singing in the Nye County Idol competition for a spot in the Finals Sunday.  He did an amazing job singing Truly by Lionel Richie.

He made it through and we were super thrilled for him!!  Not long after the idol competition he had another night of the play.  I didn't end up going to help set up sound that night, mostly because I was exhausted after the day we had the day before.

Sunday was the matinée for the melodrama, so I decided to take the kids to watch.  Jordan and Melody loved "booing" the villain and throwing popcorn at him.  Jordan said he was going to be in the play as the Sheriff.  Too cute.

Idol competition was right after the play was over, so Loney needed to change quickly and head over across the lot.  Loney sang New York State of Mind by Billy Joel:

He placed second out of 3!  I'm so lucky to have such a talented husband.  

Now to get me brave enough to try out.  Hmmm......

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Verlynn said...

Whoo Hoot! Sounds great! Bet he's glad to have a little bit of down time! Lots of performing pressure.

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