Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Low Key Christmas

I figured since it's still December I can still post a few pictures from our quiet Christmas at home. Jordan has been so super excited about the prospect of tons of toys from Santa, and Melody just enjoyed looking at the tree and playing with my advent tree (almost breaking it mind you).

Finally Christmas Eve arrived. We headed to Uncle Bradd's house to read the Christmas story out of Luke. Jordan listened intently to Loney read. He was probably thinking...I wish dad would hurry up so I can open a present. They each picked a present from their Nana to open, and waited patiently while I snapped a couple of photos.  

Jordan received a new scooter, and Melody got a Fur Real dog and they were both estatic to rip open the boxes and play with them.  Then it was bed time in order for Santa to come and bring his presents.

Morning came and it's just Loney and I up at around 8:00 am.  The kids are still sound asleep.  I invite Diana over to watch them open their presents.  Loney grabs the guitar and plays Jingle Bells to wake them up.  

They come into the living room to see the new stuff Santa brought.

Jordan's favorite was the Wii, don't break the ice, and his electronic Drums.

Melody's favorite was the Wii, her baby doll, and her Vsmile Motion (a definite Santa surprise even to us).

We had a great Christmas spending time with Loney's family, and just relaxing.  

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music and Mayhem

My family had an interesting night last night. It was Jordan's first Christmas Concert at school, so we went to watch him (he did great btw) and the people in front of us kept talking and standing up in front of us so we couldn't see him very well. Could have broken into a fight at one point by one of the ladies who was the loudest, but we kept our cool. Why do people need to be so inconsiderate towards others? Everyone there is wanting to see their kid...yours isn't the only one right?!? Here's some pictures of Jordan before and during the program. I couldn't get really good ones of him on stage from where we were sitting. Kept wanting to focus on the heads in front of us. Melody also kept bumping my arm, so they got blurry from that too.

Jordan with his Teacher Mrs. Kris Dale

After the concert we were driving home and the traffic stopped in front of us. Loney was able to stop our car in time before hitting the one in front of us, but then BANG we got rear ended. It was a hard hit, and to top it off...the guy that hit us drove off. WHAT???? Luckily a truck behind us saw the car drive off and offered to follow it and get a license plate #. Neither of us had a phone because they were both getting charged, so someone else stopped so we could call Bradd to come and then called the police. What an ordeal. The police were able to find the car that hit us, brought them back and we got the report done up.

I'm sore, but doing okay today. Gonna keep an eye on the kiddos and make sure they are ok, and Loney called in so we could get insurance stuff taken care of this morning, and to make sure he's doing okay too. Man, my first accident..and luckily everyone was safe.

How was your night?!?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is Coming

I love this time of year.  The sights, sounds, and smell just bring a smile to my face.  Looking forward to baking this weekend...just hope I don't take too many quality check samples.  

Put up my tree and I must say I love how it turned out.  Don't get me wrong, I love my traditional tree I've added to for 9 years, but a change in scenery is needed every so often too.

Melody and Jordan both helped me decorate it.  Now to just keep them from touching it too much before Christmas.

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