Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eventful Weekend

So beside the stye on my eye I quite enjoyed my weekend. We got the kids ready Saturday to go visit Santa. Jordan didn't want to go and kept telling up we were going to Burger King. Well, when we got to Santa, Jordan saw him and went right up, sat on his lap and was thrilled. Melody was the same way and in aww with "Ho Ho Ho" as she calls him. They both did great and we got this super picture even if Santa isn't looking.

Then we got home and I finished getting the area cleaned up where I was putting the tree. Should have been done a long time ago, but at least it's done and the tree is up. I didn't get around to decorating until today because we went to see the play at Pahrump pa pum pum put on by Shadow Mountain Community Players. Jordan had a blast listening and cheering for the high school brass ensemble that was playing Christmas carols.

Today the kids and I decorated the tree..mostly me, and I'm glad it's up. I'm seriously thinking about changing it though because we've had the same tree with a few additions for 9 years. I'm gonna save up my $$ and get stuff on clearance when Christmas is over. Now just what to get.

I also was able to get a couple of layouts done in the process this weekend.

I'm planning on baking goodies for Loney to take to work, so it'll be a long couple of days. Hopefully I won't eat too much as I go along and give it all away.


Verlynn said...

I've decided that you're pretty amazing to make so many new LO's and put up the tree and have a sty all at once! I hate those dang things and always whine lots when I get one. Love all the Lo's.

Ginger said...

Wow've accomplished sooo much congrats!

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