Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Day

I had decided that the kids were super bored, so I said I'd take them down to Terrible's Lakeside and let them feed the ducks.  So yesterday morning while Jordan was at school I popped some popcorn (cheap and easy), put them into individual baggies and just waited for Jordan and Nathan to get home from school.

I invited Nathan, Megan, Xue, and Marissa to come as well...since they were just as bored as my kids.  We loaded up into the van, and off we went.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to take the kids to feed the ducks.  They had a blast!  Nathan was quite the shutterbug as I took pictures.  He was the only one willing to pose for my pictures.  The rest of the kids were too involved with the ducks.  

After we finished going through the popcorn, we walked a little ways by the lake, and just enjoyed the day.  We walked to the general store to get some drinks and a treat as the kids were very good for us.  Then loaded back into the van and headed home.  If we go again soon I'll probably wait until evening, because it was a little warm.  


Ginger said...

How fun... I remember taking Miranda and Parker when they were little. I miss those fun times.. cherish them while you can!

Verlynn said...

So dang fun! I didn't even know Terrible's had ducks! I'll start saving bread crusts. That pic of Melody is wonderful. So are the rest but that one is particularly cute. Love it.

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