Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hectic Start

It's the first part of June and already I'm overwhelmed with what needs to get done. I'm at mom's house while Loney starts his first week of work at McCarran Airport. I came along so that I could help mom get some wedding stuff finished, although she's got things under control which is good.

The kids are getting stir crazy or I'm getting crazy from them stirring up trouble. Not sure which. I'm looking forward to getting back home so I can get to creating pages again. I've missed it tremendously. Won't be home though until Monday night at least. Oh well, will get things under control someday.


ginger said...

One day at a time. Enjoy the break from moving organization stuff. I'm with you on the creating get craving it sometimes

ginger said...

By the case you didn't notice it on my've been tagged!

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