Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta get Busy

I'm such a slacker.  My house is a mess, my kids are bored, and I'm staying up way to late.  Jordan is going so stir crazy lately.  I need to get some things for him to do besides watch movies.  Playing outside isn't really an option because it's too hot, but letting him run around outside is probably a good idea.  He's fighting going to bed.  I've gotta be a tough mom and put my foot down.  It's just so difficult sometimes. 

Anyway, just gonna post a quick layout then probably head to bed.  This layout featured Eressea Designs at Faith Sisters.  Her style is so different, but this rainbow of colors are just gorgeous, and those flower doodles are to die for.


ginger said...

WOW! is the best way to describe this vibrant layout!
I hear ya about not wanting to go outside. I enjoy being indoors working on projects too.

Verlynn said...

Love it. If shifts change a bit and Loney wants to stay in town for a week or a few days we can get a pool for the kids and stuff. Will run off some of that energy.

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