Sunday, January 27, 2008

A New Phase

This week's challenge at Faith Sisters was to create a layout that tells how you feel about growing older, lessons you’ve learned, how you are embracing your next birthday, or your goals you want to accomplish before your next BIG birthday.  

Here's what I came up with:

Digital Kit used:
Fruit of the Sprit: Faithfulness by Gretchen Tripp (Faith
Ribbon from Paisley Daze by Beth Nixon
Fonts: AL Age Old Love (2peas) and Arial

Journaling reads:
"This past December I entered a turning point in my life.....I TURNED 30! Most women dread this event like the plague but I have embraced it with all my heart. I don't feel like I'm getting "old" just more experienced.

As I enter this new phase I look forward to seeing my children grow up and can't wait to see what they persue in their own lives. I pledge to try to make the most of my life before I enter the next phase."


Ginger said...

LOVE IT! What more can I say.

Verlynn said...

Great! Double check the spelling on pledge?? I know, I sound like a mom, sorry. I'm so thrilled to see your creative juices flowing.

Stacie said...

Really cute. You go!

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