Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada Caucus

So, went to the Republican Caucus here in Pahrump this morning.  Very interesting how it all came about.  We had to wait in line for over an hour (well worth the wait) and then cast our ballot.  I think I like the traditional Primary better, but will definately go again if Nevada is going to continue with the caucus.

Watching the news today and it looks like my man Mitt Romney got the most Republican delegates.  I'm still not quite sure how the delegates work for the primary nomination, but as long as Romney wins....that's all I care about.  :)

Melody is slowly getting better.  She's still wanting momma every waking moment, and even most sleeping moments too.  I was up with her at 4 am so I'm feeling the day drag on and on and on.  On top of her having an ear infection, and tons of congestion, I think she's teething so every whine just breaks my heart as well as grates on my tired nerves.

Well, Melody is finally eating something, so gonna take care of my baby girl.


Stacie said...

Poor Melody. I hope she's better soon. I'm glad you went to the caucus. I couldn't go and was so stressed about it.

Verlynn said...

Glad Melody is doing a bit better. Hope there's no relapse. Caucus stuff is kinda fun and interesting in my opinion also. Was fun having you all here this weekend.

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