Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture This!

Last year I discovered an amazing website with tons of activity resources that I could do with the kids over the summer.  Education.com has a vast amount of information for you to read about your children and developing their skills through birth and school.  I first joined because of a summer contest they were doing for prizes, but didn't get my act together to finish the challenges.  

Next they hosted a Merit Badge challenge, and I was able to enter into that one and won UP! on dvd.  

Then they had a photo contest where you took photos of you doing different activities, and I posted a couple and won some weekly prizes.  

I received an email from one of the staff members after that particular contest was over saying congratulations on my weekly wins, and asked if I would be interested in becoming a photo contractor for them.  I was blown away by this offer, and said that I would be honored to help them.  So I was given my first couple of assignments and was able to get one of them done so far.  Well, my photo is now on their website to showcase the activity!  What an opportunity!  

Click on the link to see my photo: Picture This! Outdoor Activity Game

I'm hoping to be able to get the next one done this next week so stay tuned.....


Verlynn said...

Wow! Good for you! I'm soooo proud.

Ginger said...

How exciting!!!! You have been so fortunate to be featured in so many sites! You truly have amazing talent!

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