Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being Lazy

I've been such a blogger slacker and just lazy.  

Jordan had a fun birthday yesterday...it's hard to believe 6 years have gone by.  I love that little boy of mine!

I've got tons to do this week in preparation for his party on Friday.  I've got to get things cleaned up around here, work on his cake, and just make sure everything is in order so we can partay at Chuck E Cheese.  Jordan is super excited!  

I'm gonna try to be a better blogger, though the lazy gene may win out in the end.  Oh well...

Here's a picture to admire anyway.  

I guess it should be of Jordan, but I just love this one right now.


Verlynn said...

precious pic! Have fun at Chuck up Cheese and know that we're there in spirit! Can't imagine where the lazy gene came from! Dad?

Verlynn said...

it's Quitchapah
Loved the LO

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