Monday, February 23, 2009

Up Late...again

I've really got to get to bed earlier. I know it's affecting my days in one way or another. I think once Loney isn't working swings I'll be more inclined to go to bed early so I'm not waiting up for him. I'll live I guess.

Yesterday I created a couple of layouts from Faith Sister's Challenges. The first one was using a template and it was perfect for my pictures from the Walt Disney World trip.

The second one is just a fun thing us ladies are doing in the forum. A scraplift from a lady that posted before you did. It was my turn and Kay had posted first. Here's her layout:

And here' show I changed it up:


Verlynn said...

Dang. What a silly thing to stay up too late all the time. Can't imagine. At least you do something creative while you're restless.

Merrivonne said...

Natalie, I really enjoy all of your creations with your pictures as well as all the scrapbooking features. You are a talented lady!

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