Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Weekend

So, I'm at my parents house spending some time with them. It's been almost 2 months since the kids and I have been in to visit. Too long in my opinion. One of the reasons for the visit was to have a celebration for Melody. It's been great fun. Today I spent time with my kids while mom and dad went to a Heart Walk this morning. Then Ginger came over and we went to Target. Soo wish there was one is Pahrump, but that's another story. Amber was having a jewelry party so we stopped by after going to Target. I bought a new ring, can't wait to get it.

We had big Costco hot dogs and fixings for dinner. Really grubbin stuff. It's been a nice break, and I hope it won't be another 2 months until I come visit again. I'm getting sleepy, so I'm heading off to bed. Will post some new layouts tomorrow when I get back. There's some awesome new kits out!! Night.


Verlynn said...

Was great having y'all here. Even if Melody didn't like me as much as she usually does. Don't hesitate to call for a ride if another opportunity presents itself. Love you!

Ginger said...

Had a great time with everyone. Don't let another 2 months go by again without coming out!

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