Sunday, October 5, 2008

AFK aka: Away from Keyboard

I have basically been away from my computer all day.  This morning was spent with Amy before she, Diana, and Brandon left for the long drive to Kentucky.  I'm going to miss Amy tremendously.  There's just something about having family close by that I take comfort in.  I pray they will have a safe journey, and that the weather holds up long enough for them to miss any harsh weather.  

I'm alone at home (well the kids are here too).  Loney started his first night on Graveyard tonight.  It's going to be so wierd, but it's what has to happen.  

Well, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so I'll hit the hay.  I'll try to post some new layouts I created this past few days.  Night!!


Verlynn said...

The tricky part will be for you to stay on day shift with the kids while he's on grave. It'll work..
Let me know when Amy, Diana and Brandon arrive safely. Looking forward to the LO's.

Anonymous said...

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