Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Challenge 7/16

This week's challenge at Faith Sisters was to:

Review the names of each family member. Record the spiritual meaning of each name if you know it. Was anyone named after someone else to honor them? You could even have a family night as you share how you prayed for, and selected, each name.

What is it about your name?
How did you come about the name of your children?
Is there any spiritual meaning to your families names?
Is the name in remembrance of someone else in honor?

Here's what I came up with.

Credits found here.


Verlynn said...

Yep, perfect! Just like you are..

Verlynn said...

I think you like green??

ginger said...

I'm loving your new look. Maybe when you get a moment you can create another option for me too. I'd like to change it from time to time.
Maybe you could get a head start on a holiday background for us too. (he he)

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