Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been thinking alot lately of one thing I did before I had kids....Reading.  I used to read all the time and since Jordan and Melody came along, I've been slacking in that area.  

Maybe it's because I've not had much to read, or because I've begun digital scrapbooking, or because I spend way too much time on the computer.  Whatever the reason, I need to find that balance.  Set limits for myself on the computer (though I've loved creating things lately), my house has suffered because I don't want to face it, and unfortunately my kids have suffered.  

I need to get back to those roots again, and get myself better prepared to be the kind of mother my kids deserve.  I realize it's not what I want, but what I want for my kids.  So starting tomorrow, I've got to set limits and prioritize my life to better suit the lives of my family.

Sorry, as I was writing this I changed the way this post went.  It was going to be more about the reading, then turned into looking at my life at this moment.  I guess I've just been hiding from life and not giving of myself to the betterment of my kids.


Verlynn said...

It's important to focus on the kids BUT don't forget yourself. It's good to take a few selfish moments now and then. The Dali Lama says you should have an alone time every day. So, don't worry about taking a "you" time along with getting more in gear with other things. Sometimes it helps you be even more efficient at the other things. (I know, enough preaching from the mother..sorry)

Ginger said...

I agree with the Dali Lama (or Verlynn) It's hard to find a good balance, and some days/weeks are better than others, but we are only expected to try our best. I know you were talking about reading Twilight...Miranda will be sooo proud ! Love Ya!

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