Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh, My

My days have just become more interesting in my motherly duties.  Melody has begun climbing up on all of the chairs in the house.  The look on her face cracks me up when she accomplishes the feat. Boy am I in trouble now.  I just hope she doesn't take a tumble off on the tile in the dining room.  I try to watch her and get her down as soon as possible, but when I'm doing housework in the other room it's a little difficult.  She is going to be a handful for a LONG time.

Loney is still looking for work.  He applied for a Theater Tech at UNLV, but didn't get an interview.  Said he had to have 3 years exp working in the field which is a bunch of bologna because he knows more than a lot of people I'm sure.  Oh well, there's other jobs he's applying for, and some service work has come in which is good.  We just pray a job falls on the doorstep here soon.

Got a lot to do around the house that I'm slowly getting to.  I've been terrible with keeping the house picked up.  The kids have their toys everywhere, and it's a never ending battle when I do pick up, because they are right behind me with something else to put on the floor.  I hate keeping up...but I know it has to be done.  I might ask Susan to watch the kids so I can get some cleaning done without the kids around.  

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Verlynn said...

Need some help? I'm a good tosser and picker upper. I bet Melody is proud when she gets up somewhere high. She's so petite it must feel like climbing Mt. Everest.

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