Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally Friday

This week has gone by so slow.  I'm trying to get my groove back with getting Jordan ready for school in the morning, though this week was better then before.  I've been so tired since yesterday.  I had a major energy letdown that I haven't fully recovered from.  Not sure what's up, but I'm just trying to do what I can to get it back up.  

Not much on the agenda today, just doing laundry and cleaning some stuff around the house if I have the energy.  I think the kids got the crud that I had last weekend.  They have started coughing and such.  Hopefully they will get over it soon.

No sign of work for Loney yet.  Hopefully we'll hear soon, if not then I (or Loney) will have to get something quick if we can.  There's been a few jobs for Childress Electric that have come in, but not enough.  Things need to happen soon, or our lives are going to be changing dramatically.  Giving the problem to the Lord and pray we'll find work soon.

1 comment:

Verlynn said...

Nice to see y'all this weekend. Hope Jordan's cough is gone soon. Enjoyed the hugs from my kids. Hope next week brings good news (and a job).

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