Saturday, February 16, 2008

Commercial Making Day

So today is Commercial making day.  Loney in entering the "Top This!" Heinz ketchup commercial contest for a chance for $57,000.  We're working on filming the commercial today along with Bradd's idea for one.  

Here's the last commerical Loney did:

After this in done it's off to making another movie for the Chiller TV contest.  That should be interesting.

Last night Melody fell over on a chair.  She's been climbing on the chairs in the kitchen for a little bit now, and last night was the time she went down.  Nothing is broken, just a little blood since she fell on her face.  Luckily she's ok.  It's a very scary thing though watching your kid fall and hurt themselves.  I'd been taking her off the the chair all night, she's just stubbern and kept getting right back up.  Kids!!!


Verlynn said...

The climbing gene must be Loney's fault. You weren't a climber. Give her a hug better from Grandma.

Stacie said...

It must be in the air...sounds familiar to me...ha ha you'll have to read my blog.

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