Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weary Week, and the 4th!

Why is it that I can go through the day, get nothing accomplished and still be super exhausted? Two children is why.  Boy have Jordan and Melody been on the rampage this week.  Fighting over who gets to be first player on the Wii, running, hitting, yelling, throwing things.  I've just about had enough. 

We did have fun on the 4th though.  Loney and I bought a pool for the kiddos to play in.  Nathan and Megan even enjoyed themselves.

After swimming for a while we went inside and colored some pictures celebrating Independence day, then a rousing round of Mario Party 8 ensued.  I accidentally burned the lasagna for dinner, but luckily it wasn't totally lost.  I'll know better next time to cover it with foil.  Oh well.

I had picked up a few fireworks and sparklers for the kids to enjoy, so we all went outside.  Amy was kind enough to light the fireworks, and the kids enjoyed watching the sparks fly.  Then of course the sparklers:

All in all, we had a fun filled 4th.  

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Verlynn said...

No fireworks this year for us but lots of lightening! Some amazing displays. Good luck as there is still lots of vacation to come. Get working on the WA trip...

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