Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It's definitely been spring around here. The warmer temps, the grass and flowers in bloom

......the wind. Oh but I hate the wind! It was nice the other day though so I let the kids play outside for a while. It was nice to just relax and watch them draw with sidewalk chalk 

and tend to my little flower garden.  

My days have been filled with little moments like this.......

in between the moments of chaos and tiredness.

Been working on potty training with Melody.  It's actually going a little bit better then I expected.  She's wanting to sit on the potty at night, so I hope this will lead to her getting trained and more independent. 

We had our P/T Conference with Jordan's teacher.  He's doing fabulous in school.  Mrs. Dale is so proud of his academic accomplishments.  He's reading at a 2nd grade level and is doing very well with first grade math.  She's hopeful he'll be able to go into a regular 1st grade class next year, so we're going to be working really hard on teaching him the correct way to behave in every situation.  

I'm so proud of both of my kids, and I look forward to spending time with them next week when school is out for Spring Break.  And with the van fixed, I can actually do more things and take them more places without worrying about borrowing a vehicle.  WOOT!!!

1 comment:

Verlynn said...

great pics! Love the little garden. It's spring(summer) break here too. School is out until June. I think sidewalk chalk is a great invention.

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