Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Boy, it's Tuesday

I've been doing so well with going to bed at a fairly decent time. Tonight though...I'm having a major letdown. Just reaaallly tired all of the sudden. Guess maybe my blood sugar might be off. Wouldn't suprise me.

I'm one step closer to completing my goal of getting my main living area cleaned up. I still have tons to do, but I've found the area around my dining table. Put the boxes to go to Salvation Army outside under a tarp (just in case) and found a home for some other stuff. I'm hoping to work on finishing the rest of the table while I'm watching Biggest Loser.

Jordan has been going to bed so good lately, and waking up all chipper. I haven't heard the usual 'no going to school today'. It's been really nice. I'll be glad when this week in over though.

Diana is coming home on Sunday night. Jordan is soo excited. All day today he's been asking where Nana is. I told him he'll be able to see her in 6 days. Not sure if he completely understands that..but I'm trying.

I'm off to do a little scrapping before I head back to working on my living room.

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Verlynn said...

Glad you're making headway. At least Jordan will go to school (most days). Ian has informed Heather that he's had quite enough education and just wants to stay home. He starts in with the head and tummy ache at bedtime so he's ready to be sick the next morning.

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