Monday, January 12, 2009

Manic Monday

After going to bed at a decent time for me, sleeping through the alarm was not what I had planned. Actually I heard it when it first went off, but didn't hear it again until 15 minutes before Jordan's bus was to show up. So I rushed to get me and Jordan dressed. Luckily Jordan was willing to rush with his mom and not fight much.

I've been to the store and back, and just waiting for Jordan to get home from school. I have a post I'll do later tonight so be watching. Until then, here are some updated layouts I've done since last week.

images linked for credits


Verlynn said...

So...any trips to the dump or Salvation Army? Really love all the LO's.

Natalie said...

No, because I had a couple more errands to run. I'll load some in the truck and go tomorrow.

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