Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 on the 12th

Ok, so there's a picture/scrap challenge over at Faith Sisters where you take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th of the month. I decided this was probably a whole lot easier for me to do then to take a picture a day for the entire year. Whoa, waaay too much for me. So here's the layout I created with my 12 pictures.

1. Waiting for the bus
2. The bus arrives
3. Checking on my Faith Sisters
4. Running errands
5. Meldoy draws on stuff
6. Melody dressing in my shirt
7. Watching DVDs
8. Mounds of laundry to tackle (someday)
9. Yummy new discovery
10. Kids play in the clothes basket
11. Jordan jumping off the couch (busted!)
12. Me ready for the kids to go to bed

What did you do??

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