Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days ~ Day 1

I stumbled upon an interesting concept while perusing Pinterest. Start the decrapifying process of your home one bag at a time over a 40 day period.  I found this challenge over at White House Black Shutters blog.  This whole process is supposed to follow suit during Lent.  Basically the idea of giving up the clutter that is creating chaos in your house and life, which I definitely need during this transition time.

So, with no further adieu...I give you day one's before picture:

I chose to tackle something that needed my attention, but wouldn't overwhelm me at the same time.  My computer desk.  Piles of stuff that just needs to be gone through and put away or thrown away. 

Taking me 2.5 hours and 1/2 of a kitchen sized garbage bag's After:

Check out White House Black Shutters blog and join the Clutter Free Revolution!!

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