Monday, February 7, 2011

It's a me.....Mario!

Having all of our birthday's so close together is fun, but kind of hectic all at the same time.  They start in October with Melody, then we hit the holidays just before mine in December.  Loney's is a month after that, then 6 days is Jordan's.  At least we get to relax the rest of the year I suppose.

Anyway, for Jordan and Loney's birthdays I asked them what they wanted their cakes to be decorated like.  Jordan kept going back and forth for a while, but ultimately decided on a Mario cake.  I thought, 'ok, I can do that.'  I figured though that Loney needed a cake all his own, since we kinda celebrate them together.  I ask him what he wanted.  He thought for a moment then said, "a Bullet Bill cake."  I figured I had some skill as a cake decorator that I might be able to pull it off.  Well, I did!!

I was so nervous making it at first.  I didn't have enough black fondant, so I had to mix it with some extra white. But it did turn out, and Loney was super happy with it.

Next came Jordan's cake.  I bought Mario and Luigi keychain toys from Fry's Electronics because I KNEW I would not be able to make those two characters.

 I made all of the mushrooms, turtle shells, bullet bill, goombas and Lakita out of fondant.  I'm truely amazed how with a little imagination and a whole lot of luck, I can put together a cake.

I wonder if I actually would be good at this for a living....NAH!  Too much stress.

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Verlynn said...

You're smarter than you think! It is too much stress! (but fun and rewarding) You did a great job!

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