Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A pre Christmas disaster has happened.  I was hoping to have a nice relaxing week getting things ready to decorate for Christmas this weekend, no I'm not so sure.

We were eating dinner next door, and were over there for over an hour eating then playing some Mario Kart Double Dash.  Loney needed to use the restroom and decided to head back home.  Well, he comes back saying the toilet had clogged up and then overflowed while we were gone.  I was thinking, oh well it can't be that bad.  It happened about a month ago before and it didn't get too bad then.

Well, I got the kids ready to head back home and when I walk in, the site was not what I wanted to deal with at all!!
As you can see, it extended all the way to our kitchen sink...about 6 feet out.  After further inspection I noticed as I walked around the corner I was leaving prints all the way to our kitchen table.

We got the shop vac out and got as much sucked up as we could before Loney needed to get ready for work.  I would have continued on, but working the wet vac is a 2 person job since the hose is falling apart.  One person to man the sucking of the water, the other to hold closed the holes in the hose on the other end.

Needless to say I've got a busy few days trying to dry all this up.  If worse comes to worse, we'll just cut out the carpet down to the concrete.  We were planning to tile in that area anyway, this might just speed up the process.  I pray it won't come to that because I'm not sure if I up to the mess and cold concrete when I should be enjoying getting things ready for Christmas.

I could look on the bright side and be greatful it was just water and that the sewage didn't back up.  I think I'd be sleeping in a hotel room as we speak if that was to have happened.

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Verlynn said...

Gross! Toilet water is still toilet water no matter what anyone says. It;s sort of like eating Philippine hot dogs. Gross!

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