Monday, May 17, 2010


I have always struggled with my weight. From the time I can really remember, I've had self esteem issues and just had a hard time. Well, I finally have found the motivation to get my life jump started in the right direction.

A month ago, my SIL Amy and I pledged to each other to stick to a exercise routine or pay the consequences. She suggested doing the Power 90 program 6 days a week, as well as walking around the block to begin with. If we didn't keep this routine going then we'd have to run around the property for every day we missed. I was not about to run anything. It was super hard to get going, but luckily I had my work out buddy to keep me on track. Even when she got bad sick for a couple of weeks, I still kept it going.

To date I've lost 10 pounds and a total of 6.75 inches from my body. (I posted 7.75 inches on Facebook...guess I need to go back to school and take some basic math classes. LOL) 

My diet has consisted of consuming between 1200 and 1300 calories. I've tried to keep my food choices good ones, and have enjoyed looking for new healthy recipes to keep the monotony of my meals in check. I've wanted to cheat, but have kept my cravings in check as best I can. Even with birthday cake in front of me this past weekend, I resisted eating the whole thing. Ok, I had two pieces that I shared with Melody, but I didn't go back to any more the next day.

I feel different since starting out. I have a lot more energy then I've had in years. My body is getting more toned, and the workouts are beginning to get easier.  I'm proud of the accomplishment so far, and look forward to seeing what this journey will bring. 


Xackery said...

Congrats! Keep it up, you look great! :)

Verlynn said...

So proud of you!! If only... well, you know the drill. I have at least 6-8 of fat roll hanging where my belly used to be. All I really do is sit and sweat and I've discovered that neither one sheds inches or pounds. It's too hot to cook so sammiches and fast food are the norm. Keep it up!

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