Thursday, April 29, 2010

Student of the Month: April

I received a note home from school in Jordan's backpack.  It was from his PE teacher saying that Jordan was chosen as Student of the Month for April by him.  I was so excited for him, but couldn't say anything because his PE teacher wanted it to be a surprise at the assembly today.

At 2:00 Diana, Melody and I arrived at the school and went into the multipurpose room.  The kids filed in for the assembly, and the 2nd graders sang some songs from Sussical Jr. the musical.  Cute stuff.

Then it was on to announcing the Students of the Month.  Jordan was the last name called.  He jumped up from off the floor, and nearly skipped over to the principal.  Once there he stopped and raised his hands in the air triumphantly!  He was beaming with happiness.

I took some pictures but for some reason my photography skills were non-exsistant, and Jordan wouldn't hold still so this was the best picture I could get of him.

I let him have McDonalds for dinner as celebration for getting Student of the Month.  Here's a closeup of the medal the school gives out:

I'm so happy for him, and his doing so well in school.  Crazy to think that 1st grade is just around the corner.  Melody starting Kindergarten is just around the corner as well.  YIKES!  Guess it's time for another baby....NOT!!!

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Verlynn said...

I'm so proud! What a sweetheart.

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