Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

Took the kids out trick or treating today. What fun. Melody was so excited to dress up like Snow White. She even let me do up her hair and kept in up the whole time. Now I just hope the next time I try to put it up she does the same thing. Oh, but she looked precious.

I bought Jordan a Mario Brothers costume but earlier this week he said he wanted to be Superman. Nathan had a Superman costume so they switched. I would have rather he been Mario, but oh well.

I don't know who this monster was but he decided to tag along too.

All the kids had a blast. We went to a couple places to get some treats. I enjoyed the Old Cars trunk or treat the best. Dad, you would have loved seeing the cool classic cars.

Now to decide what candy I'll be pilfering from the kids stash. Mostly so they don't have the sugar rush of the century.

Miscellaneous photos from the day:


Verlynn said...

Wow! Loney is looking better by the day. The kids look so cute. Classic cars are not a big deal here. Just old, rusty, run-down ones.

Ginger said...

How adorable are those costumes!! Melody looks so precious! They are growing up so fast!

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