Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is Halloween

If any of you have watched Nightmare before Christmas I know you're all singing now.  

Today was a fairly low key day.  Especially after the night we had.  Around 1:00 Loney and I headed to the hospital with Jordan.  He was coughing and breathing really shallow since going to bed, and he woke up crying and just in a panic.  Basically he was treated for Croupe and received 2 breathing treatments and a steroid shot in the bum.  He was a trooper, and is feeling much better today.  Well, since not getting  home from the hospital until almost 4:30, we were exahusted and I slept until 10 when Melody insisted I get up.

I spent the day filling Jordan's prescriptions and picking up a few more things for the little get together later.  I made a crock pot full of chili along with some corn bread (didn't turn out the greatest) and goodies that I ate way to much of.  

We got the kids dressed in their costumes.  Melody made the cutest Tinkerbell and Jordan loved his Darth Vader costume.  We headed to Seemore's Too for the trunk or treat they had.  Jordan had a blast and Melody even enjoyed herself.  

Well, everyone came over and we watched the Chiller special to see if "Enter the Trojan Horse" was excerpted.  Of course it wasn't, but was interesting to see who won the contest nonetheless.

Just writing what all happened has made me tired so I'm off to bed.  I will leave you with one layout I created the other day.  

In My Life kit by Paula Phillips Designs (Faith Sisters)


Verlynn said...

Do I look angelic or what?! Glad Jordan is feeling better. That is scary stuff. Sorry about the corn bread. Sometimes mine is wonderful and other times it sticks to the roof of your mouth and then other times it crumbles and yet still other times it is so dry you can hardly chew it. Gotta be a secret...

Ginger said...

I prefer the Marie Callendars cornbread mix...just add water! I want to see pictures of Tinkerbell and Darth Vader! Hope Jordan keeps getting better!

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