Monday, April 27, 2009

Catch Up & Some Fun

Such a bad blogger I've been lately. Doesn't help when I've needed to share my computer with Loney for a week. Plus I've been doing more stuff with the kids.

Jordan is pretty much fully daytime potty trained. He did have a #2 accident last night, but luckily it was in his Goodnights. It's his first in over a week. I'm soo proud of my big boy. He's so proud of himself too.

Melody is finally calling herself my her name and not Jordan's. It's been hilarious when asking who everyone is, and when you ask where Melody is..she points to herself and says Jordan. Well, not anymore. She's quite the chatterbox which is quite a difference from Jordan at that age. She's mostly just on repeat, but will ask for a particular food or drink she'll want.

On other fun news...this weekend is National Scrapbook Day and Faith Sisters is hosting a weekend long party. Tons of challenges, freebies, and chances to win some great prizes. Check it out if you're around!!

Also I'm sad to see another great designer go into retirement. Gretchen Tripp is closing her store and everything is $1 until the end of the month. Hurry and grab what you want while you still can. I'll totally miss creating layouts for her as she was my very first designer I creative teamed for. (Besides Faith Sisters).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Excited but Tired

Well, Jordan is back to school today after spending a week off last week for Spring Break. I didn't hear the alarm this morning until almost 10 minutes before the bus was to show up. Doh!! I do have an excuse though, Melody had me up at 3:30am because of not feeling well. So I was super tired. Guess I'll just have to make sure Loney get's be up. I took Jordan to school and he was so excited to tell everyone that he went pee pee in the toilet!! Mom was super excited to tell everyone about it too. We'll see how his day at school went in a little bit.

I do have some news. Pineapple Plantation Designs has a new collab kit out that is super adorable. It's called Garden District and the colors are fabulous. You can check it out at Scrap Orchard and get it 20% off this week only.

Also some sad news. Nikki Painter is retiring from designing. I've enjoyed being on her creative team the past few months and am sad to see this happening. I wish her all the luck in the world with her family and new endevours. You can get her stuff for $1.00 at Faith Sisters probably until the end of the month.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Progress Report

So day two of Jordan Potty Training has gone soo much better then day one. He had more successes then accidents which is good. He's still wanting to put pull-ups on though, so I've gotta be tough on that point. I keep praying he continues to do well. Stay tuned for more reports.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7th photo Tag

I was tagged by LivyBug this past weekend and I'm finally getting around to doing it. Here's what you do...

Go to the photos folder on your computer.
Go to the seventh folder of photos.
Go to the seventh photo.
Put the seventh photo on your blog along with a description.
Invite seven friends to join.

I basically had to go through several photo folders to get to this one. I can't believe how dirty Jordan's hand is. What a terrible mother I am...LOL.

Now I tag:


Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Weekend.

I wish I could tell you and zoomed off to some foreign country, but no. Mostly we spent Friday and Saturday with mom and dad. Loney helped dad run some wire to hook up the new double oven they got. Kinda strange to get when they'll be leaving in just over a month, but wow will mom have fun when they get back. I would love to one day have a double oven....

Other then just working on stuff around the house..I've had a pretty laid back day. I'm developing a headache which is no fun. The kids are settling down though Melody had a nap, so she won't be going to sleep any time soon. Oh well.

I'm hoping to work on my house this next week. Mainly focus on the living room and bathroom. We'll see if the motivation I feel now will continue onto the rest of the week.
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